Venusaur VMAX Battle Box Break

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This is for the purchase of 4 Random Booster Packs that will be opened live on stream at


These packs come from 1 Venusaur/Blastoise VMAX Battle Box. THE BOX WILL BE OPENED AND THIS IS NOT A SEALED PRODUCT.  The Box will be chosen at random but we will try to accommodate if a personal choice is given. 

Once this opening is complete:

  • You keep ALL Reverse Holo's, Rare's, Holo-Rare's, and above. (HITS)
  • You will also receive the Promo cards and sleeves included in the box.
  • The streamer keeps all common/uncommon and code cards from the packs.
  • You also agree and understand there are no returns and/or refunds once this break goes live.

Your HITS will be held for as long as needed until the shipping fee has been paid through the store.